Principal's Message

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

I am certain that we all have breathed a happy sigh of relief, as the Pandemic situation seems to be well under control. The State Government’s decision to r-open the school for all the students is indeed a much awaited welcome change.The last two years have been most challenging for the educators as well as the students, all over the world.

The Pandemic has widened the pre-existing opportunities and achievement gaps. The immediate challenge for us is not only to open schools and recover unfinished learning, but also to re-structure and re-design the education system for long term benefits.

We realise the need to take a holistic approach and design programmes that will meet both the academic and non-academic needs of our students. Students have faced multiple schedule challenges, struggled with patchy internet connections and have had overdoses of ‘Zoom Fatigue’ . Unfortunately, many students were forced to discontinue with their studies due to various unavoidable factors. Consequently, students who will move to the next grade are not only unprepared, with the missing key building blocks of knowledge but they are also at a risk of not being prepared with the skills and the mindset to progress to the next grade.

Our primary challenge as educators, is to bring back the ‘dropouts’ to the main stream of education and to encourage and instill confidence in the existing students so that they can move to the next grade with the required degree of self esteem and morale.

Let us be thankful to the Almighty, that in spite of this huge “learning loss” due to the pandemic, we are now limping back to normalcy again. We do not expect miracles to happen overnight in the learning outcomes of our students.

This is the moment we are called to be our best selves in tune with the mission and vision of DeNobili schools . May we continue to shape up young men and women for and with others, leading a life of patience , empathy and compassion.

God bless you all !